About The Process

It’s all about the process. That is something that LO Bedding firmly believes. It’s our process that makes our products stand out and make things that will truly better your life. We begin by looking at the source of a problem that hinders a great night sleep. Once we have examined the problem, we explore possible solutions. Using ancient, often forgotten skills (like our weaving technique for the i-Hugg blankets) and innovative new techniques and materials together, we create products that are unlike any other out there.

Examples of our innovative process can be seen separately in our i-Hugg blanket and in our Marshmallow Blanket. The i-Hugg is created in the Senshu mountainous region of Japan, known for it’s abundance of natural clean water and ancient weaving techniques. Our Marshmallow Blanket is created with a new, innovative material called Tencel. The material is pill-resistent and will keep the silky smooth feeling forever.