Cooling Pad

Cooling Pad
Bed Topper
60% Polyethylene 40% polyester
Bed Topper, Cooling Pad

It’s been proven that the body has an easier time regulating itself when it starts cooler, rather than being too warm. This cooling pad supports the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism. The surface is made of high thermal conductivity polyethylene. It is configured with thin 220 filaments that increase the absorption and release of heat.

We love the cooling pad because of the kind of sleep it provides users. Falling asleep is is never easier than when you’re body reaches it’s optimal temperature. You can feel the technology and care that was put into the designing of this bed topper. Another classic example of LO Bedding’s commitment to creating the best sleep environment.

Aligned with traditional Japanese culture, LO Bedding designing in the pursuit of optimal health. Our products focus on purposeful innovation to improve lives through improved sleep. LO Bedding believes in weaving the values of self care into everything we create and sharing this dedication with the world.

  • Designed for quality sleep
  • Extra cushioning
  • 3D mesh structure disperses heat
  • The fabric itself aids in heat dispersion
  • Straps slip easily over mattress

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The LO Bedding cooling pad helps regulate the body’s natural thermal regulating system. Keeping you in a deeper sleep state for longer, so you wake up feeling refreshed.