i-Hugg Blanket

For anywhere
100% Cotton
Blankets, Throw Blankets, Throws
Lavender, Brown

Created to feel like a hug. This Japanese cotton blanket has a 3D design that stretches with you to fit your body. The i-Hugg is currently available in two colors, Blush and Pewter.

We love the i-Hugg blankets because they feel like a hug. The specialty weaving techniques used make it incredibly light and airy to the touch. The high water absorption finish ensures that your sleep is not disturbed and that you wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy.

Best of all, the more you wash it, the softer it gets!

Aligned with traditional Japanese culture, LO Bedding designing in the pursuit of optimal health. Our products focus on purposeful innovation to improve lives through improved sleep. LO Bedding believes in weaving the values of self care into everything we create and sharing this dedication with the world.

  • 3D Design to stretch with you
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Feel like you’re covered by air, light and soft texture
  • Absorbs and disperses moisture to keep you dry
  • More washes = softer blanket
  • Feels like a hug!

It’s designed with the users in mind. Keep covered up with this extremely light and soft, hypoallergenic blanket. It’s great for anywhere you use a blanket, whether that’s binge watching Netflix or cuddling up at night. Does your current favorite blanket feel like a hug?