The i-Hugg process
 We strive to make sure that the products we deliver are
not just a high quality product, but also an innovative solution
that assures returns on investments for our clients and ourselves.
Our process
01. planning & strategy
All products are strategically created to solve a specific problem that hinders a great night sleep. We are in the pursuit of giving users the best quality of sleep humanly possible.
02. design & develop
With our focus on solving common issues that disrupt sleep, we begin the design process. Using new technology and ancient weaving technologies, the design process is underway.
03. cotton dyeing, waxing & weaving
The i-Hugg is made in the beautiful Senshu mountainous region of Japan, known for its traditional weaving industry and abundance of natural clean water.
04. washing, drying & sewing
The Ato-sarashi method washes the material after weaving, which allows for a shrink-resistant, high water absorption finish that’s incredibly soft to the touch.
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